Ingredients and production method Sweet bean paste made in-house

We cook our bean paste in-house, using the Hakushu mineral water.
The sweet bean paste used in Châteraisé’s lineup of traditional Japanese confectionery is prepared in-house with utmost attention and care.
As its main ingredient, we use the acclaimed azuki red beans from Hokkaido and other selected sources, and handle the entire process from washing beans to completion within our factory, using Hakushu mineral water.

Châteraisé’s sweet bean paste
is cooked in Hakushu Factory.

In pursuit of freshness, safety and deliciousness

Azuki red beans produced by safety-focused contract farms in Hokkaido

Châteraisé has a contract with 18 farms in Tokachi, Hokkaido. Azuki beans from this region are known for high sugar content as a result of the region’s big temperature gap between daytime and nighttime. To ensure food safety, we use azuki beans specially produced by the designated farms, without use of agricultural pesticide or chemical fertilizer as best as possible.

Directly delivered from the farms, fresh azuki beans are processed in our own factory in Yamanashi Prefecture to make different kinds of sweet bean paste to be used in different products.

Fresh and flavorful

Châteraisé adjusts bean paste production output to match the production of sweets, to ensure that only the freshest, flavorful high-quality bean paste is used in our sweets.

At Châteraisé, we cook azuki beans directly delivered from contract farms with Hakushu Meisui, mineral water from one of Japan’s 100 Best Springs.
Soft water with clean taste, Hakushu Meisui helps to make perfectly flavorful sweet bean paste with soft and fluffy bean skin.


In pursuit of the best taste

Bean paste must be best suited to the product it’s used for.
We prepare 80 different kinds of sweet bean paste at our factory, including whole-bean paste, strained bean paste, white bean paste, to mention a few.
We adjust the sweetness and texture to make it a perfect match for each product.

Different sweet bean pastes for different sweets



Higher sugar content ensures that sweet flavor unfolds in your mouth at each bite.


Azuki ice candy

Preserving the bean’s texture and shape, azuki broth is also added for a richer flavor.



Azuki beans are cooked tender by leaving plenty of moisture in the skin.

Our farmers

画像:静岡県 いちご農家 二俣さん

Azuki beans, grown without agricultural pesticide or chemical fertilizers wherever possible, make a huge difference in sweet bean paste.