Ingredients and production method Fresh eggs just for sweets,
from specially fed chickens

It’s the power of fresh eggs that makes our sweets
delicious, moist and fluffy.

Châteraisé buys more than ten tons of fresh eggs daily
from our contract farms in the neighborhood.

“Kurofuji Farm” in Kai City, Yamanashi Prefecture, locates its chicken farm at the top of a mountain abundant in spring water, to give quality drinking water to the chickens.
Mineral-rich spring water improves the taste of eggs, they say.
As chickens drink a lot of water, good water is important.
So much care is taken even for the environment where chickens grow; that’s how the farm produces wonderfully delicious eggs.


At Châteraisé, we are making efforts to produce eggs that are ideal for confectionery.
What to feed is part of the efforts.
To eliminate egg’s peculiar odor, we pay attention to chicken feed. Carefully selected feed helps to improve chicken’s intestinal environment, and healthy chickens lay flavorful eggs that are rich in taste.

There are no days off for the people working in a chicken farm.
To keep chickens healthy, they monitor chickens’ conditions, keep henhouses hygienic, and ship eggs every single day.
But it doesn’t seem to bother our contract farmers at all, as they say they enjoy working together to produce delicious eggs.
People of Kurofuji Farm said to us, smiling, “Our priority is providing chickens with happy environment, because, we believe, that will result in tasty eggs. The more we care, the better the eggs chickens lay. They are dear to us.”
We at Châteraisé can make delicious sweets thanks to the tasty eggs produced with affection and care of farmers.

We want to deliver the taste of fresh eggs
in our products.


The fresh eggs from our contract farms are delivered to Châteraisé factory, where they are broken at a speed of 500 eggs per minute, then processed to separate egg whites from egg yolks.
At Châteraisé, we buy freshly laid eggs and break them in-house to use in our products.

Upon delivery to our factory, fresh eggs are turned into rich custard cream, puddings or sponge cake one after another.
Let’s look at the sponge cake. The cake rises high and becomes fluffy thanks to the egg white. If you use fresh eggs, a cake rises even without additives such as leavening.

Freshness is important
not only for taste,
but also for safety of our products
made without unnecessary additives.

Our farmers

画像:山形県 明野農場 佐々木さん

We produce eggs specially for confectionery.
We always deliver freshly laid eggs to the factory on the same day.