Ingredients and production method Fresh milk
direct from our contract farms

Gentle and milky flavor,
soft and smooth texture.
Milk is an indispensable ingredient for making sweets.

At Châteraisé, we buy fresh raw milk from our contract farms every day to make sweets with rich milky flavor.
Our contract farm is one hour away from Châteraisé factory, located at the foot of Yatsugatake Mountains in Nobeyama area,
known for hosting the highest railway station in Japan.
The farm is in a cool highland at the altitude of 1,375 m.

Tasty milk comes from healthy cows.

At Châteraisé contract farms, special attention is paid to fodder as it affects cows’ health. Ordinary farms add plenty of grain to pasture grass to increase productivity.

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On the contrary, our contract farms feed more grass that is rich in dietary fiber. Cows can, in nature, break and digest dietary fiber, therefore by avoiding excessive intake of grain, their stomachs will stay healthy, and rich, flavorful milk is produced.

Healthy cows raised with great care produce plenty of delicious milk.


Low-temperature pasteurization, possible only for the freshest milk

Fresh milk is delivered daily from the farm to our factory where it is heated for pasteurization. At Châteraisé, we use low temperature pasteurization, where milk is heated to a lower temperature for longer, at 65 ℃ for 30 minutes. This method can be used only for fresh milk within 24 hours of milking.


Low temperature pasteurized milk tastes subtly sweet and mild, like natural raw milk. Compared with high temperature pasteurized milk, the difference in taste is clear.


Our products are always filled with the natural taste of milk brought out this way.
That’s why we can offer fresh cream and ice cream with rich, milky flavor.

Our farmers

figure:Mr. Shinkai Shinkai Farm, Nagano Prefecture

The rich taste and flavor can be produced only by cows raised in highlands.
I deliver the freshest milk straight to the factory.