Ingredients and production method Strawberries grown in the sunshine,
direct from farms

Strawberry – A red jewel

Strawberry pleases both the eye and the palate. Châteraisé’s Special Strawberry Shortcake is a long-selling favorite of our customers.
To deliver delicious strawberry cake year-round, we purchase different varieties of seasonal strawberries directly from our contract farms scattered around Japan in Aichi, Shizuoka, Tochigi, Nagano and Saga prefectures.

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Wishing to deliver the freshest strawberries

Strawberries delivered from our contract farms are perfect for sweets,
with a balanced taste of naturally developed sweetness and sourness.


Beautifully grown strawberries are hand-picked one by one,
just at the right timing, so that they would taste best when enjoyed as part of our confectionery.
Only professional growers like our contract farmers have such a skill.

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A day starts very early for our contract farmers.
At dawn they already begin picking strawberries.
They try not to touch the fruit as best as possible to avoid damage.

Picked strawberries are placed in Châteraisé’s special containers for delivery to our factory.


Carefully picked strawberries are delivered to Châteraisé factory within the same day.
They are sorted under strict hygiene control,
and selected ones will be used in our sweets.

Our farmers

画像:静岡県 いちご農家 松井さん

When picked, strawberries are directly placed in the special containers, so we touch them only once.
Naturally, they remain beautiful, without any damage.

画像:静岡県 いちご農家 松井さん

Delicious strawberries grow here in Sano area thanks to abundant sunshine.