Châteraisé’s commitment Ingredients and production method

Tastiness starts with ingredients.
Using the freshest ingredients and production method to bring out their flavor, we deliver safe, delicious sweets to our customers.

figure:Fresh milk Farm-fresh milk

Every day, raw milk of cows grown in the vast nature of Yatsugatake Mountains is delivered to our factories.
We adopt the slow, low-temperature pasteurization method to keep the natural flavor of milk to be used in our products.

figure:Fresh eggs Fresh eggs

Eggs delivered daily from our contract farms are broken in our factory for immediate use in sweets making.
As the power of fresh eggs is vital in making safe sweets, we source our eggs from Yamanashi Prefecture, our home ground, and prefectures nearby.

figure:Hakushu Meisui mineral water Hakushu Meisui mineral water

Châteraisé Hakushu Factory is located at the foot of Mount Kaikoma in the Minami Alps mountain range.
We make our sweets using Hakushu Meisui water that is also popular as drinking water.

figure:Sweet bean paste made in-house Sweet bean paste made in-house

Selected azuki beans from Hokkaido are cooked with Hakushu Meisui water in our factory,
to make our own sweet bean paste.

figure:Strawberries direct from farms Strawberries direct from farms

Throughout the year we buy high-quality strawberries from various regions for our sweets.

figure:Couverture Chocolate Couverture Chocolate

We use couverture chocolate of the highest quality from Belgium to make our chocolate sweets that melt smoothly in your mouth.