Chateraise Secret of the taste.

Let’s have a close look at the sweets that bring happiness to everyone.

Hakushu mineral water, milk, eggs and seasonal fruits: nature provides such a variety of ingredients to our factory located in the middle of a forest in Yamanashi prefecture.

Do you know where Châteraisé products are made? This red-roofed building surrounded by lush forest is Chateraise Hakushu Factory. It is here that ice cream, cakes and traditional Japanese sweets are produced, using renowned Hakushu mineral water from the Southern Alps. Besides Hakushu Factory, we also produce Châteraisé products at the Nakamichi and Toyomi Factories – all located in Yamanashi prefecture. It all started back in 1954, when a tiny store called “Amataro” opened in Kofu City. Its signature product, also called amataro, was a sweet made with high quality ingredients such as sugar and azuki beans in “Imagawayaki” (pancake-like patties filled with sweet bean paste). Amataro went on to become a big hit with customers. Since then, the wish to “make truly delicious sweets using natural ingredients to make people happy” has always stayed with us as our number one principle.

After 30 years of research, we have established A SAFE AND SECURE CONFECTIONERY PRODUCTION SYSTEM

The delight of the taste of nature,
The delight of thinking about people

Châteraisé’s commitment

Wellbeing of our customers is our priority.
That’s why we use more natural ingredients, and offer our products at the most affordable prices.
We want to be a confectionery loved by all customers – with this wish in mind, we at Châteraisé are producing our products.

Farm Factory System

We purchase fresh ingredients such as eggs, milk and fruits directly from local contract farms and produce our products in the region. “Farm Factory” is how we call this ingredients-focused production system.
Sourcing ingredients directly from farmers, making products in our own factories and delivering them straight to our stores across Japan, without involving wholesalers – this unprecedented scheme was launched in 1985 and revolutionized the traditional distribution system, defying what was taken for granted back then.

Today, the system has evolved to the next level, allowing for co-development of new ingredients with farmers and production of safe products traceable back to the farms.
Great taste and affordable price, accompanied by food safety. Backed by our Farm Factory system, we will continue to deliver happiness to our customers.

Ingredients and production method

Ingredients and production method

Pursuit of tastiness starts with ingredients.
To deliver delicious sweets to our customers,
we only use carefully selected, best-quality ingredients.

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Selecting ingredients produced by farmers we know.

For us, it is of paramount importance that we use completely safe, high-quality ingredients.Therefore we have a policy to only use and directly purchase ingredients from farmers we know.

Our production method that brings out the best in fresh ingredients.

For us, it is of paramount importance that we use completely safe, high-quality ingredients.With our basic policy of “using only the ingredients produced by farmers we know”,we directly purchase main confectionery ingredients from our contract farms.


Making safe confectionery

We want to bring a smile to the face of our customers who enjoy our sweets.
Under the slogan “Taste of nature, taste of affections”,
Châteraisé endeavors to make sweets that are safe and worry-free to enjoy.

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Our delicious products are spreading
throughout the world.